Croatia celebrated by crashing into a photographer and he captured every moment

As Croatia scored its second goal in the World Cup semifinal game against England, the players celebrated and abruptly crashed into a photographer on their collective way down. But that resulted in an arguably better shot than Mario Mandzukic’s goal in extra time.

Even as the players slid towards his direction, photographer Yuri Cortez’s direction didn’t stop doing his job. He continued being the professional photographer that he and kept pointing the camera at the players. What resulted was all the players dog-piling Cortez and them eventually helping him up.

The players apologized for doing that. Cortez did come out of that uninjured and with one of the best set of photos in this year’s World Cup. He got a unique closeup of the players screaming right in his face. In one of the photos, you even can see Mandzukic staring directly into the lens.

Cortez probably could have done without the players crashing into him, but those photos might have been worth the unpleasant experience. Cortez is a true professional, and it paid off.

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