Kevin Durant kissed a fan on the head after she was hit by an errant pass

A Golden State Warriors fan sitting courtside was hit with an errant pass from Devin Harris during a game against the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday. Kevin Durant, being the compassionate human that he is, came over to make sure that she was OK and then kiss her on the head.

Here’s a close up on the lil head kiss.

Look, I don’t have any real opinions here. You can see from the first video that she and her friends (family?) were overwhelmed by the extra attention given to them by Durant and Jordan Bell. If Durant wants to give someone a head kiss, who am I to say otherwise?

We’re glad the fan is OK, because those errant passes can sneak up on you. Seriously — this wasn’t a head-stuck-in-a-smartphone situation, it was just a pass that came out of nowhere that you’d never expect would actually reach out of bounds. It happens!

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