Metta World Peace says he was touched inappropriately by a ghost in a haunted hotel

The Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City has a deep history of haunting and guests claiming to have seen specters during their stay. Now Metta World Peace is adding to the annals with a claim he was touched by a ghost during the Lakers’ recent trip to the city.

This isn’t the first time NBA players have claimed to have seen ghosts while staying at the Skirvin, but it is the first time a player claims they were sexually assaulted by one. In 2014 the New York Times spoke to several NBA players who all claimed to have experienced visits from ghosts during stays at the Skirvin.

What kind of ghost would touch Metta World Peace inappropriately? Well, that’s well within the M.O. of “Effie,” a former housekeeper who purportedly loves to mess with guests staying at the hotel.

The Skirvin Hotel, Oklahoma City Wikipedia

Hotel records do not show any history of a housekeeper named Effie working at the Skirvin, but ghost proponents claimed her grizzly death was swept under the rug. Now she roams the halls and rooms. Effie is characterized as “playful,” typically rattling doornobs, crying out in the night or propositioning men in their rooms. However, more serious claims have been leveled as well. Several men claim she appeared naked in the shower with them without being invited, while at least one former guest claims they were sexually assaulted by Effie — much like Metta World Peace.

Effie, if you’re reading this, please stop. What you’re doing is not cool. You can be a fun, spooky ghost without touching people.

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