Shaq and Judge Judy goofing off at a Marlins game is the best thing to happen at a Marlins game this year

Y’ALL. Shaq picked Judge Judy up at a Marlins game like it’s their gosh darn wedding night and she laughed harder than she may have ever laughed in public and someone caught it on camera and it’s amazing.

I don’t think I actually want any additional context for what’s happening here. It’s too beautiful for reason.

Why are they friends? Don’t want to know. What led to this photo where she is in his arms? Don’t need to ever find out. Is this the most beautiful baseball picture ever? You might have an argument that that’s the case. Maybe Judge Judy can give her ruling later.

It looked like Shaq had a lot of fun hanging out with the Marlins on Friday night, even taking some time to dunk on people.

The Marlins should wallpaper a room with that picture though. It’s a masterpiece.

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