What we know so far about the Dolphins’ national anthem policy

Protesting during the national anthem could result in a suspension up to four games for Miami Dolphins players, according to the team’s list of conduct detrimental. A nine-page discipline document obtained by the Associated Press reportedly contains a brief section on “Proper Anthem Conduct.” It includes the possibility of “a paid or unpaid suspension, a […]


Dayton Moore’s comments about Luke Heimlich are irresponsible and infuriating

Royals GM Dayton Moore needs to take a break from public comments. The trade deadline is coming up, and he’ll be doing a lot of talking during that stretch. Maybe he should rest his vocal chords and go meditate somewhere, just enjoy the silence more than he enjoys hearing himself talk. Because Moore isn’t doing […]


The Karolyis Say They Had No Idea About Nassar Abuse At Their Training Facility

Martha and Bela Karolyi of the infamous Karolyi Ranch, an elite gymnastics training center that’s sent dozens of athletes to the Olympics, have finally broken their silence about former USA Gymnastics team doctor and convicted child molester Larry Nassar.  The two sat down with NBC “Today” co-host Savannah Guthrie for a “Dateline” segment set to air this Sunday. […]