Cuban Teen Almost Long Jumps Beyond Pit For Best Mark In 23 Years

Hey, Stockholm, you’re gonna need a bigger pit. Cuban long jumper Juan Miguel Echevarría soared so far at a Diamond League meet in the Swedish capital recently that he nearly landed outside of the sand pit. Echevarria, the 19-year-old world indoor champion, jumped nearly 29 feet (8.83 meters), the longest distance recorded in the event […]


Kyle Shanahan almost lost the Falcons’ Super Bowl LI game plan at Opening Night

The Atlanta Falcons had quite the scare at Super Bowl Opening Night, and it involved offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. At the conclusion of the team’s media session, Shanahan noticed that his backpack was missing. Inside the backpack, was the team’s game plan for Super Bowl LI. “I’ve got to find it,” Shanahan told USA TODAY […]