Paul Pogba's Brilliant Pass Was The Best Play Of The World Cup Final

The plays we remember from World Cups throughout history tend to fit neatly into specific categories. They are astounding goals or miraculous saves, moments of controversy or displays of unfettered brilliance or madness. They are Bergkamp’s strike against Argentina or Gordon Banks’ “save that stopped the world” against Brazil; they are the Hand of God […]

Cuban Teen Almost Long Jumps Beyond Pit For Best Mark In 23 Years

Hey, Stockholm, you’re gonna need a bigger pit. Cuban long jumper Juan Miguel Echevarría soared so far at a Diamond League meet in the Swedish capital recently that he nearly landed outside of the sand pit. Echevarria, the 19-year-old world indoor champion, jumped nearly 29 feet (8.83 meters), the longest distance recorded in the event […]


Vegas is the best expansion team ever, period. By a lot

As the Vegas Golden Knights begin the Stanley Cup Final in their first year of existence, it’s worth reflecting on the wild season they’ve had. It’s not wild because Vegas doesn’t have some good players (it does) or because nobody figured hockey could work in a new market (plenty thought it could). It’s wild because […]

Shaq and Judge Judy goofing off at a Marlins game is the best thing to happen at a Marlins game this year

Y’ALL. Shaq picked Judge Judy up at a Marlins game like it’s their gosh darn wedding night and she laughed harder than she may have ever laughed in public and someone caught it on camera and it’s amazing. I don’t think I actually want any additional context for what’s happening here. It’s too beautiful for […]


The Raptors crashed, burned, and ruined their best season in franchise history

DeMar DeRozan’s season ended 12 minutes and 24 seconds earlier than his teammates, thanks to a late third quarter ejection in Monday’s Game 4, and you can only think that they had to be jealous. Getting to retire to the locker room early before the forthcoming 128-93 loss? To avoid the television cameras and get […]


Kentucky found its best lineup to unlock its March Madness potential. Now its Final Four road is easy

Auburn fans chanted “N-I-T” as Kentucky walked off the court in defeat on Feb. 14. The Wildcats had just lost their fourth straight game and were suddenly below .500 in the SEC. At that point, Kentucky looked more likely to miss the NCAA tournament all together than to win the national championship. Ever since, Kentucky […]


Welp, Bama hired away one of the best DL coaches in CFB

In a big blow to Miami’s coaching staff, Alabama made the hire of defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski official on Thursday, and he’ll hold the same position in Tuscaloosa. The move was in the works last week. #Alabama football announces: Mike Locksley is OCTosh Lupoi is DCPete Golding is co-DC/ILB coachJosh Gattis is co-OC/WR coachDan […]