NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

College Professor Humbly Apologizes To NFL Star Over 2006 ‘Realistic Goals’ Comment

Back in 2006, NFL star Julian Edelman’s college professor made a “flippant” comment about his future in football. And in a letter that she recently wrote to the 31-year-old double Super Bowl champion, she has revealed that she is now truly sorry. On Tuesday, the New England Patriots wide receiver tweeted out part of the note sent to […]


Women’s College World Series 2017: Bracket, schedule, live scores, and highlights

College softball fans, the super regional round is officially in the books. Now, the remaining eight teams will compete to see who will take home college softball’s richest prize: the national championship at the 2017 Women’s College World Series. Florida, Baylor, Oregon, LSU, UCLA, Washington, Oklahoma, and Texas A&M are the remaining eight teams in […]


Do 2018 college football recruits even remember your team’s last national title?

Jan 1, 2000. If you’re a college football recruit in the class of 2018, that is roughly the average of when you were born. You were a Y2K baby. And the lens through which current recruits view college football is far different than the average fan. Two things recently hammered home this point for me. […]


College football teams keep comparing themselves to Star Wars’ loser bad guys

College football teams like to get the attention of young people by comparing themselves to things young people are into. Star Wars is evidently still popular. Here’s a thing Oregon made, portraying the Ducks as a major power that showed up out of nowhere (in like 1994), got blown up on the biggest stage via […]


Jeremy Lin Heard More Racist Slurs In College Than In The NBA

Most people know Jeremy Lin as the fast-as-hell Brooklyn Nets point guard whose on-court talent pushed him to Linsanity fame. But not many people know that the 28-year-old Taiwanese-American athlete had to endure many degrading insults to get there. During a Wednesday interview on his teammate Randy Foye’s podcast, “Outside Shot,” Lin revealed the racism […]


Full 2017 NFL draft results by college: Picks updated live all Saturday

The first pick, Cleveland’s Myles Garrett, gave the Aggies their first-ever appearance on the all-time No. 1 pick rankings. Bama had the most first-rounders (four), per semi-usual. On the conference level, the SEC’s now had the most first-rounders 11 years in a row. The SEC’s dominating in general, with 30 picks in the first three […]


2017 college football spring game attendance rankings: The updated top 10

With spring games comes the latent competition we’re all thrilled to follow: Whose reported attendance figure is the highest? The Buckeyes currently hold the top three all-time figures, cracking 100,000 in 2016, but who’s leading 2017? So far, the reigning national champions are yet again No. 1 in this respect, with 60,000 packed into Memorial […]