I’m from Gainesville, Florida and live in New York City. Here’s what makes this a unique college football town

NEW YORK — USF is starting slowly, and it’s the reason I’m more sober than I expected. The bar I’m at, called Van Diemens, gives out free shots whenever USF scores a touchdown. To be a college football fan in Tallahassee or Columbus or Austin or Boise is easy. To be one here, so far […]


Here’s the MLB hit leader born in each of the 50 states

Adrian Beltre got his 3,000th hit right at the end of July, making him the first Dominican-born player to reach that threshold. This got us at SB Nation thinking about various hit leader lists, and eventually, we ended up wondering about which states had the most impressive baseball hitters born there, as measured by hits. […]


Auburn’s athletic director wants the Tigers in the SEC East. Here’s how that could work

Could Auburn end up switching divisions from the SEC West to the East? Auburn’s athletic director is going potentially try and make that happen. The SEC’s spring meetings are taking place this week in Destin, Fla., and Auburn’s athletic director Jay Jacobs is planning on bringing up the idea of the Tigers’ moving to the […]


Here’s the Penguins’ WiFi password

If you find yourself at a Penguins game without service in PPG Paints Arena don’t worry, this postgame interview with Evgeny Kuznetsov has you covered. via r/sports NICK NAME: BOH PASSWORD: Cr@shtheN3t Good hockey phrase, and something that will literally happen when 20,000 Penguins fans all try to connect to the internet at once. Love […]