The J.R. Smith Game, explained by J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith was guilty of one of the all-time great NBA goofs in Game 1 when his brain fart on an offensive rebound led to overtime, and an eventual Cavaliers loss. Between Smith’s screw up and LeBron’s reaction we quickly had a cottage industry a memes trading on the moment. What followed in the moment’s […]


J.R. Smith's Blunder In Game 1 Of NBA Finals Stokes Twitter Mockery

Twitter users had plenty of game after J.R. Smith’s colossal mistake during Game 1 of the NBA Finals Thursday in Oakland, California. Smith’s Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors were tied at 107-107 with seconds remaining in regulation when Smith grabbed an offensive rebound off a teammate’s missed free throw. He appeared to dribble out […]


Obama Welcomes Cleveland Cavs And J.R. Smith's Shirt To White House

Some NBA players strive to be known as the best dressed, but when President Barack Obama welcomed the Cleveland Cavaliers to the White House on Thursday, he was happy that J.R. Smith simply wasn’t undressed.  “I want to give a special thanks to J.R. Smith’s shirt for showing up,” Obama said on the South Lawn. “I […]