Bryce Harper just hit his 150th career home run…at the exact same age Mike Trout hit his

Well, isn’t that something? On Monday night, Bryce Harper hit his 150th career home run in the fourth inning against the Marlins. He is 24 years and 295 days old. That statistic is pretty impressive, and would be whether or not there was something else cool about it, because 150 homers before you turn 25 […]

Katie Ledecky Just Became The First Woman To Win 12 World Championship Golds

Katie Ledecky is on a roll. The 20-year-old American swimmer made history on Tuesday, snagging her 12th gold medal at the swimming world championships, the most achieved by any woman ever. Ledecky clinched the gold after annihilating the competition in the 1,500-meter freestyle ― an event she already holds the world record in ― at the World […]


The Supreme Court Just Made A Washington 'Redskins' Name Change Much Less Likely

The NFL franchise in Washington, D.C., received a major boost in its fight to save its controversial “Redskins” name Monday morning, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling in a separate legal dispute.  At issue is the team’s federal trademark protections for the nickname, which Native American activists have described as a “dictionary-defined racial slur.” The […]


Active NFL Star Joe Thomas, Just 32, Says He Already Has Memory Loss

At age 32, Joe Thomas doesn’t remember things like he used to. That could be annoying, even disconcerting, for the average person. But when you’re a 10-year NFL veteran, it can be downright scary. “I’m already seeing memory loss,” Thomas, a perennial Pro Bowl selection at tackle for the Cleveland Browns, told “In Depth With Graham […]


Auburn OC Rhett Lashlee just left for, uh, UConn?

Lots of football coaches change jobs around this time of year. Few hires are all that shocking. One that is definitely shocking: Connecticut hiring away Auburn offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee to the same job, as the Huskies announced Wednesday night. Lashlee was Auburn’s offensive coordinator for the last four seasons, coming aboard with head coach […]


Just Because My Body Looks Healthy Doesn’t Mean My Eating Disorder Isn’t Real

This post originally appeared on Bustle. By Ray Gallagher I have strong, broad shoulders and ropy back muscles. On my better days, I imagine that I have the arms of Michelle Obama and the abs of Ronda Rousey. I have the thick, defined quads and calves of someone who has been playing sports for over […]


NFL picks 2016, Week 17: Experts ready to crown Lions NFC North champs, but just barely

Week 17 is a notoriously difficult week to predict. Teams with no lingering postseason hope line up a smattering of disengaged players, while teams already secure in their playoff standing rest the ones who matter most. But one massive matchup Sunday night will feature two teams emptying their tanks in a de facto playoff game. […]