LeBron James’ near-perfect recall of 2 minutes from Cavs-Celtics is pretty damn impressive

The Cavaliers got waxed by the Celtics in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. There is no way to sugar coat it or get around what happened on Sunday afternoon. LeBron James was a -32 for the game and had an unlikely seven turnovers, something we don’t see from him much these days. Despite […]


Nikos Galis is the Greek basketball legend who played ridiculous minutes and dropped 50 on Michael Jordan

Nikos Galis is one of 10 inductees in the 2017 Basketball Hall of Fame class, and I’ll admit I hadn’t heard of him before this honor. I’m glad I have heard of him now! And I’m waaaay deep in a rabbit hole. Join me. I recommend reading Galis’ basketballstory, which is glorious, complex, and threaded […]


Kevin Durant needed 4 minutes to illustrate how doomed NBA defenses are

The Golden State Warriors were an exceptionally great basketball team last season. They then went out and signed an exceptionally great basketball player in Kevin Durant. There might be an adjustment period that halts their rise from exceptionally great to some unparalleled height, but at some point there are going to get there. And when […]


Louisville QB Lamar Jackson scored 12 touchdowns in his first 40 minutes of 2016

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports The sophomore QB is barreling into the Heisman Trophy race. Louisville quarterback entered Week 2 with eight total touchdowns, scored in only 30 minutes of football against Charlotte, a school record for scores in a game. He had a seat after that, having proved his point. That’s more touchdowns than all […]