LeBron James’ near-perfect recall of 2 minutes from Cavs-Celtics is pretty damn impressive

The Cavaliers got waxed by the Celtics in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. There is no way to sugar coat it or get around what happened on Sunday afternoon. LeBron James was a -32 for the game and had an unlikely seven turnovers, something we don’t see from him much these days. Despite […]


2016 NFL trade deadline tracker: The Lions got a new cornerback and that’s pretty much it

The NFL trade deadline came and went on Nov. 1, and as usual, not much happened. Midseason trades usually don’t bring much excitement in the NFL. Last season, there was some talk of Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas getting traded to the Denver Broncos, but it never happened. Thomas found himself the subject of […]


Rio organizers explain why the Olympic diving pool turned green, and it makes them sound pretty dumb

Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images The green diving pool during the Rio Olympics has been a mystery. We witnessed overnight the pool turn from a perfect, pristine blue to a swamp-like green, prompting all sorts of theories on what happened. Now we have the answer … we think. Initially many believed the problem to be […]