The J.R. Smith Game, explained by J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith was guilty of one of the all-time great NBA goofs in Game 1 when his brain fart on an offensive rebound led to overtime, and an eventual Cavaliers loss. Between Smith’s screw up and LeBron’s reaction we quickly had a cottage industry a memes trading on the moment. What followed in the moment’s […]


5 potential teams Alex Smith could play for in 2018

The best season of Alex Smith’s career ended Saturday with arguably the toughest game of his career. Statistically, he played fine against the Tennessee Titans, completing 24 of his 33 passes for 264 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. But Smith had just 33 yards in the second half, allowing the Titans to come […]


NFL players show support for Eli Manning after Giants’ surprise decision to start Geno Smith

Eli Manning fought back tears as he talked to the media about his time as the Giants’ starting quarterback coming to an end. Around the NFL and the internet, Manning’s teammates, peers, and the media reacted to the surprise news that Geno Smith is taking over. Smith said he told Manning he has a ton […]


Jets will reportedly hire Collette Smith as 1st female coach in team history

Collette Smith will become the third female coach in NFL history, according to the New York Daily News. The New York Jets reportedly hired Smith to work with defensive backs during the summer as a preseason intern. “I’m over the top. I’m humbled and I’m proud,” Smith told the New York Daily News. “This could […]


Ryan Shazier intercepted Alex Smith thanks to Bud Dupree’s big hit

The Pittsburgh Steelers franchise has been known for their fierce defenses over the years, and they’ve started to play really well at the right time. It’s plays like the one that Bud Dupree and Ryan Shazier combined to make that give them that reputation. Dupree menacingly ran towards Alex Smith, delivering the pressure and altering […]