Roger Goodell Pens Letter To NFL Teams, Believes 'Everyone Should Stand'

In an effort to end the ongoing debate around standing or kneeling during the national anthem prior to NFL games, Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote a letter to team executives saying the league needs “to move past this controversy” and that a plan for doing so would be discussed at a league meeting next week. Goodell […]


Do 2018 college football recruits even remember your team’s last national title?

Jan 1, 2000. If you’re a college football recruit in the class of 2018, that is roughly the average of when you were born. You were a Y2K baby. And the lens through which current recruits view college football is far different than the average fan. Two things recently hammered home this point for me. […]


College football teams keep comparing themselves to Star Wars’ loser bad guys

College football teams like to get the attention of young people by comparing themselves to things young people are into. Star Wars is evidently still popular. Here’s a thing Oregon made, portraying the Ducks as a major power that showed up out of nowhere (in like 1994), got blown up on the biggest stage via […]