Serena Williams Wants To Know Why She's Drug-Tested More Than Other Athletes

Serena Williams is curious why she’s tested for doping far more often than other top tennis players.  The star athlete took questions from media during a press conference on Sunday to discuss her upcoming match against the Netherlands’ Arantxa Rus at the Wimbledon tournament in London. One reporter asked her to comment on a recent Deadspin article […]

LeBron James is better than ever

BOSTON — It was after Game 1 and Brad Stevens was asked to consider the impossible quandary that is LeBron James. It had been a ruthlessly efficient night for LeBron, who had 38 points, nine rebounds, seven assists, and there wasn’t a damn thing the Celtics could do about any of it. He ran through […]


Jeremy Lin Heard More Racist Slurs In College Than In The NBA

Most people know Jeremy Lin as the fast-as-hell Brooklyn Nets point guard whose on-court talent pushed him to Linsanity fame. But not many people know that the 28-year-old Taiwanese-American athlete had to endure many degrading insults to get there. During a Wednesday interview on his teammate Randy Foye’s podcast, “Outside Shot,” Lin revealed the racism […]