Shaq and Judge Judy goofing off at a Marlins game is the best thing to happen at a Marlins game this year

Y’ALL. Shaq picked Judge Judy up at a Marlins game like it’s their gosh darn wedding night and she laughed harder than she may have ever laughed in public and someone caught it on camera and it’s amazing. I don’t think I actually want any additional context for what’s happening here. It’s too beautiful for […]

Jose Mourinho is missing the thing he needs most from his Manchester United team

This season, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho appears to be missing many things. A twinkle in his eye. A skip in his step. Even the tiniest amount of joie de vivre. And, of course, a football team that pleases the eye, raises the neckhairs, and tingles the soul. He’s also missing something that, unlike all […]


Bama was right to let a graduated player transfer to UGA, wrong to make a big thing of it

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images That Alabama dispute with a graduated player, cornerback Maurice Smith, over whether he can transfer to an SEC rival like Georgia with immediate eligibility? The Tide have decided to leave it in the hands of the SEC. This has led to some renewed worrying about the wild West open market that will […]