Pete Rose probably won’t return to Fox Sports broadcasts this postseason

There are some baseball fans who, at this point, can’t remember Pete Rose as a baseball player but only as a man who was banned from baseball and has spent his years since petitioning to be reinstated and autographing memorabilia. In recent years, Rose started making headlines again for additional legal actions, including an ongoing […]


Forget Joey Chestnut, this 73-year-old contestant was the real hero of the Hot Dog Eating Contest

There was one hero during the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest that exemplified the grit and determination that makes America great: Rich “The Locust” LeFevre. Proving that age is just a number, Rich LeFevre entered the contest after eating 30 hot dogs in a qualifier in Las Vegas. A longtime eater, LeFevre has been eating […]

The Penguins’ wild, weird Stanley Cup run makes them the hockey team of this era

These Pittsburgh Penguins were never supposed to win the Stanley Cup. They were defending a championship from last year, and that’s hard to begin with. Their best defenseman by a million miles, Kris Letang, played in half of the team’s regular season games and zero of its playoff games. They controlled 46.5 percent of the […]


Kevin Durant magically got this one-handed turnaround shot to fall

Some things just don’t make basketball sense. They defy the thought processes of conventional basketball logic. This shot was one of those things. Kevin Durant somehow got a falling, one-handed turn-around shot to drop over Kevin Love in the second quarter of Game 2 of the Cavaliers–WarriorsNBA Finals matchup on Sunday. It was a shot […]