J.T. Brown Becomes First NHL Player To Protest During National Anthem This Season

Tampa Bay Lightning forward J.T. Brown raised his right fist during the national anthem before a game against the Florida Panthers on Saturday night, becoming the first NHL player this regular season to join the silent protests that have been sweeping the NFL and other U.S. sportingleagues. Unlike Colin Kaepernick, the football player last year who began […]

THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE, Tennessee and LSU have both reached the “GoFundMe to pay the coach’s buyout” stage of the season

There is losing. There is losing to your rival. There is losing to your rival 41-0. There is losing to your rival 41-0 at home. Then there is losing to your rival 41-0 at home one week after almost losing at home to UMass, two weeks after losing because you didn’t have enough defensive backs […]


South Carolina beat Louisiana Tech thanks to this incredible catch

On Saturday afternoon, it looked like the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs were about to waltz into Williams-Brice Stadium and upset the Gamecocks, but South Carolina receiver Bryan Edwards had other ideas. South Carolina had just 55 seconds to score, trailing 16-14 in the fourth quarter when Gamecock quarterback Jake Bentley hit Edwards on a 41-yard bomb, […]

I’m from Gainesville, Florida and live in New York City. Here’s what makes this a unique college football town

NEW YORK — USF is starting slowly, and it’s the reason I’m more sober than I expected. The bar I’m at, called Van Diemens, gives out free shots whenever USF scores a touchdown. To be a college football fan in Tallahassee or Columbus or Austin or Boise is easy. To be one here, so far […]


This golfer swung so hard he snapped his club at a long drive competition

Even as professional golfers become stronger and more athletic, you can usually rest pretty assured that their equipment won’t break apart from the sheer power of their swings. Wes Patterson may be putting that assumption to the test, however, after splitting his driver while ripping a shot at the Volvik World Long Drive Championship. Needing […]


This Miami player’s stunting a big ol’ gold chain on the sideline

Miami has been having a ball today. They’ve been in control against the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats. More importantly, however, the Hurricanes are also stuntin’ on them on the sidelines. Look at this dope chain on defensive back Malek Young. This is my new favorite album cover. Too bad it looks like it’s limited edition, the chain […]