The big winners and losers this week in the NFL preseason

The second week of the preseason is a little bit of a comedown from the euphoria of “welcome back, football!” the week before. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things get excited about, though. This year, the matchups are pretty dang good for a random preseason week. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers made their 2018 debuts […]


WWE Backlash 2018 live results: Winners and highlights on Sunday night

Let’s all pretend the Greatest Royal Rumble never happened, and just move on to WWE Backlash. It’s not like anything meaningful happened down in Saudi Arabia, anyway, as it was a (propaganda-filled) house show that many of Sunday night’s performers weren’t allowed to participate in. Qualifications to wrestle included being 1. Not a woman and […]


8 winners and 7 losers from the NFL Draft on Friday

The best thing about the NFL Draft is deciding who’s winning and who’s losing before we’ve had a chance to see any of the players at work with their new teams. There’s nothing more indicative of the American spirit than the thirst for instant draftification. Let’s get to it. Winner: the Giants They got UTEP […]

Greatest Royal Rumble live results: Winners and highlights from WWE’s Saudi Arabia event

The WWE Greatest Royal Rumble is the first major WWE show to take place in Saudi Arabia, and it’s a star-studded event with every men’s title on the main roster on the line, plus the first-ever 50-man Royal Rumble match on a history-making night. Daniel Bryan enters first in the 50-man Royal Rumble The […]

WWE WrestleMania 34 live results: Winners and highlights on Sunday night

WrestleMania 34! It’s now over! And we covered it from start to finish! WWE’s biggest show of the year went down in New Orleans, and we live blogged the whole thing. The kickoff show featured three matches: the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, the Cruiserweight Championship match, and the first-ever Women’s Battle Royal. Matt […]


NCAA bracket 2018 live reaction: The biggest winners and losers from Selection Sunday

Selection Sunday is a sports holiday unlike any other, in that the celebration doesn’t revolve around an actual game. Instead, sports fans from across the country eagerly tune in to find out the matchups for the month-long event that captivates the country more than the postseason of any other major American sport. The 2018 NCAA […]