Shaq and Judge Judy goofing off at a Marlins game is the best thing to happen at a Marlins game this year

Y’ALL. Shaq picked Judge Judy up at a Marlins game like it’s their gosh darn wedding night and she laughed harder than she may have ever laughed in public and someone caught it on camera and it’s amazing. I don’t think I actually want any additional context for what’s happening here. It’s too beautiful for […]


The Eagles reminded us that the Falcons should have beaten the Patriots in the Super Bowl last year

As I watched the confetti fall after the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl LII win over the New England Patriots, my mind was on one thing: This should have been the Atlanta Falcons last season. Come on. Nobody but the Eagles themselves and maybe their immediate families thought a Nick Foles-led team could accomplish what this […]


This 80-foot buzzer-beating high school game winner might be the basketball play of the year

Think about the worst way you’ve lost an athletic event. Now watch this game-winner by freshmen Blake Peters from Evanston Township High School. Was it a loss by a 3⁄4 court one handed chuck after a missed free throw? OH MAN! Jesus, where do I begin. Let’s talk about how the player who missed the […]


South Carolina basketball could win both NCAA tournaments this year

Congratulations to the Gamecocks! Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams have made it to the Final Fours of the respective NCAA tournaments. South Carolina has a chance to be the second team in history to win both championships in the same year. Can you guess the other? That’s right! UConn! The Huskies have actually […]